Foot Prings in the Sand



  • "Thanks so much for a fabulous session today!  You are a wonderful coach.  You have such a gift in how your heart and practical mind all blend together!  What a gift!" - Julie

  • "Lele has helped me navigate life's ups and downs for over 30 years.  Her easy going personality allows you to open up and share. - Paula

  • I have really enjoyed working with Lele. She is genuine, caring, and I can depend on her to stand by my side. She has helped me to clarify my goals and to identify both steps and obstacles in meeting them. Lele has a gift for being very focused, inspiring me to stay on track as she guides me through life’s distractions. It is very easy for me to get off track and to forget what is most important.  Thanks Lele for being such an inspiration, for being a reminder that I need to keep what’s most important in sight, and for helping me to not settle for less. - RMM